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  The Primorsky region is in the monsoonal area of the temperate zone. Seasonal changes of air streams occur under the influence of the temperate changes between the greatest continent of Eurasia and the greatest ocean - the Pacific.

  The average monthly temperature in January falls as low as - 20 C in the inland and - 10 C on the Southern coast. Even in the most severe winters thaws may occur on the coast and last for 3-4 days. During thaws the temperature used to rise up to +8 C.

  By the March the average positive temperatures are settled on most of the territory and range from +2C to +12C. In May there can be days when the temperature rises up to +24C, and even +30C.

  In June-July the weather is cool, dull, and drizzling on the coast, and much drier and warmer in the central regions of the territory. The temperatures in June range from +14C to +24C in different parts of the Primorye. Long-lasting fogs along the coast are usual at this period.

  The main feature of the second half of summer is typhoons. Most of them fall in August - early September. Heavy precipitation, high humidity (80-90%) and high air temperature (often above +25C) are peculiarities of this period.

  It is much warmer in autumn than in spring in Primorye, that is why autumn is considered the best season. The September temperature ranges from +12C to +16C, the October temperature ranges from +8C to +10C, in fine weather and light wind. The swimming season often lasts till late September.



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