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  If you enjoy traveling, especially where no neighbors or acquaintances of yours have been; if you are attracted by the chance of seeing the virginal Ussuri taiga which is comparable with tropical jungle in terms of impassability - we invite you to visit Primorsky krai of Russia with its capital - the city of Vladivostok.

Primorsky krai (region) is located in the Southern part of Russian Far East and borders with South Korea in the South, China in the West, Khabarovsky region of Russia in the North, and washed by the Japanese sea in the East. Primorye is stretched in the meridian direction, the distance from its extreme Northern point to the extreme Southern point totals 900 km, and its total area is 165,9 thousand square kilometers. Highlands dominate the territory of Primorye. Sikhote-Alin is a mountainous formation, extending for the most part of the krai territory. The highest peak is Oblachnaya mountain (1 854 m). There are many carst caves in the South Primorye (we recommend you to visit Dragon and Serebryanaya (Silver) caves that are the most accessible for the tourists). There are well-preserved fragments of the ancient volcanoes in the area, the most distinguished of which is the Baranovsky volcano. The Sikhote-Alin ranges are cut by rivers with rocky bottoms, limpid waters and plenty of waterfalls. The largest river is the Ussuri river with a length of 903 km. The geographic location of Primorye accounts for the vaiety of its flora - there are the mountainous-tundra areas, conifers and coniferous-deciduous forests, forest-steppe, where the ancient plant species have been preserved: the Ferns, the Lotus, the Chozenia Willow, etc. The fauna of Primorye is also diverse, including such species as the Amur Tiger, the Ussuri Black Bear, the Leopard, the Wild Boar, the Manchurian Deer, the Black Stork, etc. Among 690 species of birds inhabiting the territory of the former USSR, 350 are found in Primorye.



Primorsky region -
Eastern Gate to Russia

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