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    Group - from 3 to 15 persons
    The most favorable season - June - September
    Accommodation - in tents (one for 2-4 prsns.), sleeping bags
    Meals are cooked on fire by specially trained assistant. Food products are bought in accordance with the interests of the clients.
    Each group has specially trained guide, he is also a specialist in ornithology or zoology. The guide is responsible for excursions, meals, accommodation and safety. In case of need a rescue team goes to the group.
    The tour does not require any special training. The tourist should be able to go 7 km in the forest along the path with a light rucksack.
    The tourists should bring themselves: warm clothes (sweater, wind-breaker jacket), rubber footwear (to pass numerous springs), spare boots, binoculars, repellents against mosquitoes midges. Tourist equipment may be rented at the Reserve (tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks, tourist rugs) - $2 per unit per night.

      TOUR PROGRAM (5 days / 4 nights)


1 day

Arrival at Vladivostok. Meeting with the guide. Transfer to the hotel Vladivostok. Lunch. Sightseeing tour about Vladivostok. Dinner.


2 day

9.00 13.00 Transfer from Vladivostok to the Lazo village, the headquarters of the  Lazovsky reserve, by bus.

13.00 Lunch at the Zerkalny restaurant. Visit to the Museum of Reserve Nature.

15.00 Transfer to the Benevskoy cordon by jeep (15 miles from Lazo). Walking 5 miles to the Elamovsky waterfalls. Camping, dinner, enjoying your time at waterfalls. The highest waterfall is 57 feet meters. Water sprinkles shine with rainbow at sunny days. The sheer rock with waterfall is fringed with green bushes and trees that climb up the steep banks. The path to the waterfall goes through the forest along the rocky spring with many rapids, water cascades, and tiny waterfalls. This is a chance to see many common and relic species of trees, bushes, moss, lichens, etc. Places like that are typical environment for fabulous ginseng. During your trip you will come across traces of animals activity - footprints of tiger, Himalayan bear, Manchurian wapiti, musk deer, badger, fox, etc. A lot of birds species are also represented. Fishing in the spring (trout) is also available.



3 day


09.00 Breakfast. Ascending Lysaya mountain 5 203 feet above sea level. Youll climb up along the rocky canyon at the angle of 15-20. While climbing, youll enjoy beautiful wind erosions, natural rocky sculptures. Youll see how Southern species of trees are substituted by Nothern ones, many of which are relics. Within 3 hours the hikers get from moderate climate to the climate of Nothern tundra. From the top of the mountain picturesque panorama of Sikhote-Alin mountains. will take your breath away. Picnic at the spring on the top. Descending from the mountain. Dinner at the camp. Fishing. At leisure.  9.00 Breakfast. Hiking up on the top the Lysaya mountain. Lunch on the mountain. Hiking down. Dinner at camping. Fishing.


4 day

9.00 Breakfast. March on foot to the rout (7 km). Transfer to Lazo. 

13.00 Dinner at the Zerkalny restaurant. Excursion to the Ecological Center of the Reserve, buying souvenirs.

15.00 Departure to Vladivostok.

19.00 Arrival at Vladivostok. Check in the hotel Vladivostok. Dinner.

5 day

9.00 Breakfast. At leisure for shopping or complementary excursions. Transfer to the airport. Departure from Vladivostok.

Primorsky region -
Eastern Gate to Russia

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